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About PMNL

PortfolioMNL is our passion project. It’s foundation is built on a collective dream, innate creative talent and determined minds. Not just a pretty face, but chock-full of brains and substance. Get the thinking behind PortfolioMNL and learn what we’re all about.

Powering creative thinking

We believe in the power of creativity. PortfolioMNL is the meeting ground for Filipino creative professionals to grow, work their talent, and be inspired by their peers. Our mission is to bring together the various disciplines and harness it into powerful collective thinking. Why? For one purpose — to spark innovation.


Everything our senses encounter is a product of creativity and design. We wake up, brush our teeth, rouse our senses with our favorite coffee blend, pick outfits that fit our mood, drive cars that express our personality, navigate daily through building systems and highways. We live in the Age of Creativity. From our best-loved movies, plays, and art pieces to music that scores our daily lives, creativity feeds our need for stimulation, order, organization, and personal expression.


Find your dream team in one place. Architects, art directors, graphic designers, creative directors, copywriters, fashion designers, filmmakers, game designers, industrial designers, hair & make-up artists, photographers, web designers and more. Everyone your business needs to get noticed.


“MNL” is the world’s entry point into the Philippines. Historically known for indigenous crafts such as weaving, furniture making, and shoe manufacturing, the Philippines is now entering a new Creative Age: programming, design, architecture, illustration, and animation, to name a few. PortfolioMNL’s mission is to bring these creative forces together to strengthen, inspire, and participate in the global creative economy.


We provide free online portfolios, in THE place where employers and colleagues have an eye on you. Our platform puts the spotlight on creative talent, not just resumes. Seeing is believing.


What happens when word-of-mouth comes up empty? Businesses need more options: fast and accurate. PortfolioMNL is the only Philippine jobsite dedicated to discovering and hiring creative professionals. It’s the bridge between creative pros and companies seeking to hire them. It’s a marketplace where both communities can easily find each other and get down to the business of fun.


by creatives, for creatives

PortfolioMNL is the brainchild of Creative Director, Rina Malonzo and Trina Dela Rama, writer and graphic designer. Upon returning to Manila in March 2009, they wondered how they could find creative talent to help start their destign studio. Limited to friends’ recommendations, their search quickly ended with a handful of creatives — each of whom was brilliant but not quite the right fit. While staring at a dead end, the lightning bold hit and PortfolioMNL was born.


Say something about IdeaSpace


We’ve built an easier, more intuitive design and experience for our Portfolio uploaders. Now we turn our eye on building the Job Listings portal. As well as the Network feature to enable our community to easily stay connected. What’s next? You tell us. We built PortfolioMNL for the creative community and it us up to them to determine the next course.