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  • Entrepreneur

    Do More with Less, Creatively Rina Malonzo of PortfolioMNL.com, on how start-ups can achieve maximum impact with few resources As with most things, there are two schools of thought when it comes to start-up resources: find the capital to support all your business needs, or try to make do. At PortfolioMNL, we’ve embraced the challenge Read More
  • Manila Bulletin

    PortfolioMNL.com, an online platform that gathers and showcases creative talent for hire, has recently unveiled 17 partner academic and institutions and creative organizations across the Philippines. PortfolioMNL.com is one the first batch of technology startups backed by IdeaSpace Foundation. “Filipino creative professionals are recognized and sought throughout the world for their talent and innovation, specifically Read More
  • Juice.ph

    How do creative professionals get hired these days? Usually, by word of mouth. And almost always, you will hear all the same people being recommended to carry out creative work. However, the Philippines has a wide pool of creative professionals, with many who are simply unable to showcase their output and land jobs to jumpstart and sustain their careers. Read More
  • Adobo

    With the aim of making the Philippines number one in creativity globally, PortfolioMNL.com, the country’s first online platform that gathers and showcases creative talents for hire, launched its Network Portals, unveiling 17 partner academic institutions and creative organizations across the country. In a region where creative hiring is largely word-of-mouth, the Network Portals give local Read More
  • Business Mirror

    Website for local talents launched To enable Filipino creative talents to get more attractive compensation in the job market arena, a local web developer established Portfolio-MNL.com. The dot-com is the country’s first online platform that gathers and showcases creative talent for hire, introducing the portals of 17 partner-academic institutions and creative organizations across the Philippines. Read More
  • Gadgets Magazine

    PortfolioMNL.com announces Network Portals with 17 academic institutions PortfolioMNL.com, the Philippines’ first online portfolio catalogue for creatives, has formally launched its Network Portals, revealing the dedicated portals of 17 academic partners and creative organizations throughout the country. Specifically, the institutions who’ve expressed their support for PorfolioMNL.com are: Ateneo de Manila University (Manila), CIIT College of Arts Read More
  • Dealstreet Asia

    After a year of product development, Philippine tech startup PortfolioMNL  is launching a platform to host the country’s largest community of creative professionals. PortfolioMNL CEO and co-founder Rina Malonzo, in an interaction with DEALSTREETASIA, not only gave a detailed background of the company but also revealed updates in implementing their business plans, as well as prospects in the Read More
  • TechCrunch

    The results are in for Filipino accelerator IdeaSpace’s startup competition, and the top ten picks have a heavy focus on social projects. A glance at the list reveals a strong emphasis on environmental and health-related projects, especially those that will likely benefit the developing nation’s poorer regions. Armtech – affordable water purification machine for households Read More